Are you REBORN?

Your next ground-breaking Sci-FI Jrpg

History begins in 2066 when our beloved land was destroyed by a swarm of red meteorites, no one knew where they came from and no one saw them coming ... a mystery that is still unresolved.

Only a scientist, considered crazy like the great men of history, tried to warn the world, but nobody believed him.
The whole earth was completely destroyed, devastated and now rendered an unlivable and empty shell, except for a single city that was saved by the same professor through a "Luminous" barrier that many considered magical.

Only 66666 people, inside that city, survived the terrible tragedy, the human race is now on the verge of extinction and, of the "crazy" professor, all traces were completely lost.

The last survivors of the human race who live within this city are divided into castes and no one can have contact with members of other castes.
The survivors live confined to their sector of the city, the times are obscure, the control by the authorities oppressive, the crime is rampant and the population has now lost hope ...

Another meteorite of "Biblical" proportions is approaching the Earth ... no one will be saved this time ... The human race will cease to exist ...



The Creator

this game has been in production for 5 months and I'm creating it completely by myself. I'm dealing with all aspects of the game, from programming to graphics, from history (which are more than 300 pages of text) to special effects, from assets to level design.
I'm creating this game in my spare time with the goal of recreating the style and emotions of the old games I used to play as a child. This game really reflects my personality, my inner self and I hope you really enjoy it, I'm putting all myself into it


News Media and Coverage

Media Buzz and the last news from Reborn's world


Reborn Showcased in Unreal Engine spotlight

January 1, 2025

I'm really proud to announce that Reborn has been showcased in the Unreal Engine Spotlights community, in their stream, below is a link to the page on you tube.
Check it out


Reborn featured in the Epic Launcher

7:05 AM - 6 Apr 2019

Seen you game feature in the Epic Launcher gives you real goosebumps. Thank you Epic


Reborn Speed Mapping the Unreal Engine pre-stream.

April 25, 2019

My level design speed mapping has been shown in the Unreal Engine pre-stream

Check it out, don't miss it


Twitch everyday Game Dev streaming

Follow live the development of reborn

Every day you will see the development of Reborn in real time on Twitch.
A beautiful community is being created around the game, you will make new friends, you will support the game and you will see all the behind the scenes of reborn.
Everyone is welcome


Reborn Hashtag


Use this hashtag to get in touch with all the news in the net.



Thank you for your interest in Reborn. For any inquiries, commission requests, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.


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